January 2018


Meeting Date | Time:   January 7, 2018 |11:00 am                  Meeting Location: MJ's Tavern

Meeting Called By:

Type of Meeting: 

Megan at 12:06pm

Executive Board


Megan - President

Susan - V. President

Kendra - Treasurer (called in)

Syreeta- Sgt at Arms


Cait (work)

Laura (No Service)


Old Business | Time: xxx



Outcome: Tabled for next meeting.

Family Day | Syreeta

  • Due to time constraints, it was mentioned that family day be cancelled and/or substituted for another time.

  • Suggestions: Girl’s Night after Bingo Volunteer event on January 21st

  • Suggestion put out for vote.

  • Outcome: Vote passed 4/4.


  • Syreeta mentioned that she would like to prepare for causes and charities three to four months in advance so that Club will have the appropriate time to prepare each month.

  • Megan mentioned that she would like to do quarterly charities. Months in between would involve advocacy or volunteer opportunities for a cause. This will allow charity donations to increase.

  • Jell-O shot sales for February and March will go to April’s charity, to be decided later in the meeting.

  • Second quarter Jell-O shot sales will go to August charity, to be decided later.

  • Suggestion put out for vote.

  • Outcome: Vote passed 4/4.


Due to time constraints, it was mentioned that the Club not have a charity/cause for the month. Suggestion out for vote. Outcome: Vote passed 4/4.



  • It was mentioned that there would not be enough time to prepare for Polar Plunge, since it is on the 3rd of February and cost for participation is $100. (Not sure if that is per person or per group)

  • New suggestions brought forward: American Heart Month, National Condom Week, Women’s Heart Health Day

  • Women’s Heart Health Day: Take a group photo of everyone wearing a red t-shirt. Post photo on as new cover photo. Post daily information about heart health throughout the month to raise awareness to people who like our page. Picture can be taken by professional photographer before or after dinner on the 21st of January. Photo needs to be posted on Facebook by February 1st. This will be presented as an ODgoL event.

  • Suggestion put out for vote.


Outcome: Vote passed 4/4. Syreeta will contact Sir Godrick to see if he is willing to help with photograph.



  • Suggestions brought forward: Anti Bully, Endometriosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Diabetes

  • Diabetes: Provide information on our page about awareness and provide testing at a location to be decided upon later.

  • Suggestion put out for vote.

Outcome: Vote passed 4/4. Megan will get information and set up testing. Deadline: January 21



April will be our first quarter charity.


  • Suggestions brought forward: Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Provide information throughout the month of Facebook page. Educational in place of monthly business meeting, or night of.

  • Money raised from February, March, and April bar nights will benefit the NLA Domestic Violence Program.

  • Suggestion put out for vote. Outcome: Vote passed 4/4. Megan can speak with a SANE Nurse about presenting. Can also get in touch with law enforcement within the community to present as well.

  • Syreeta will get in touch with Primal group leader and ask about their educational (they were going to have a police officer present on how to file a report of abuse or assault while in the community.) See if they would like to collaborate. DEADLINE: January 21

  • Susan will look for information about offering the girls self-defense classes.

BAR NIGHT | Board Members


  • Theme: Cupid Shuffle

  • Jell-O Shots: Lemon Cherry


  • Theme: Spank -a- Patty

  • Jell-O Shots: Sour Apple and Caramel


Kendra was given the link for the metal name tags. She will also be given the write up on how each name tag will be engraved.


Syreeta has been in touch with Jordan Moll, the creator of the original Blood is Blood event in New York, and presented the following:


  • Mr. Moll would love to assist with our event. He would ask that we hold our even a few days after his in New York, that way he can build up PR for us. He would also like to come down and MC the event. This will require hosting in either a hotel or one of our homes.

  • Presentation was put out for vote.

  • Outcome: Vote passed 4/4


  • Discussion for partners for the event. MJ’s Tavern, the Knight Hawks, the Cavs, The LGBT Center.

  • Discussion was put out for vote.

  • Outcome: Vote passed 4/4. Syreeta and Susan will contact and meet with each potential partner to discuss the possibly of them assisting. Those who are on board, we will arrange a meeting time (perhaps a dinner) with them to make plans. Meeting date and time will be decided later. Syreeta will get in touch with Jordan to let him know what is going on.


Bylaws have been updated to reflect new Associate member changes.

New Business | Time: xxx


Since Lizzie has stepped down from her duties, the Club has decided to divide her duties until (or if) someone fills the office of Secretary. Duties were distributed as follows:


  • Legal Documents: Kendra

  • Social Media, Meeting Minutes and Preservation of History: Syreeta

  • Votes, Polls, Agenda: Susan

  • Correspondence Using Official Letterhead: Callie


  • Discussion about having a set Sunday (First Sunday) to volunteer for bingo for the LGBT Center. This will prevent confusion and not having a volunteer session at all. Club members and associates will know when to set time aside to participate if they wish.


  • Discussion was put to a vote.


  • Vote passed 4/4. Callie will need to contact the LGBT Center to see if it is feasible to be assigned the first Sunday of every month to volunteer.

PLEDGE UPDATE |Syreeta and Susan

  • Discussion about pushing back pledge season to allow time for successful program development.

  • Proposed date to start taking applications: January 21.

  • Proposed date for Bid Day (start pledge period): May 11th – This will also be Bar Night for the month, as three of our board members will be unavailable the first week of May. As the 12th is Knight Hawks bar night, we will need to see if that is okay.

  • Proposed date to patch members: October ??? After Leather Leadership Conference.

  • Discussion was put to a vote. Pledge Pushback vote passed 4/4. Change in Bar Night dependent upon Knight Hawk response.


Discussion about current back patch design and the difficulty. Syreeta will come up with a design that will not only be easy to create, but may bring cost of patch down by $25. Susan and Megan will also look locally for someone to do, as Nancy has been in and out of the hospital.

Meeting Close

Time: 1:27pm by Megan

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