February 2018


Meeting Date | Time:   February 2, 2018 | 8:00 pm                  Meeting Location: LGBT Life Center

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slave megan


slave megan

girl alayna


slave megan - President

girl jaded - V. President

callie girl - Road Captain

girl alayna - Sgt at Arms




girl branna




Introductions | Time: 8:17pm | Presenter: slave megan

  • Club introduced members of the board and prospects to newcomers.

  • Mission statement read by slave megan.

December Minutes | Time: 8:19pm | Presenter: girl alayna

Treasury Report | Time: 8:24pm | Presenter: girl jaded

Local and Leather Events | Time: 8:24pm | Presenter: callie girl

callie girl named several Leather and kink events for the months of February and March:

  • February 3: MJ's 6th Anniversary Celebration

  • February 9: Latex Leather and Lace @ West Beach

  • February 10: Dragon Manor Party

  • February 11: little Scouts Valentine Dance @ FMC Garden Cafe

  • February 16 Start Here Hampton Roads Meet and Greet @ West Beach

  • February 25: ODgoL Bingo Volunteer Day

  • February 25: Revival Educational

  • March 3: Start Here Hampton Roads Educational @ Riffhouse

  • March 3: Revival HRK Event @ Riffhouse

  • March 9-11: Leather Leadership Conference in Atlanta

  • March 16: Code Bar Night @ MJ's

  • March 22 - 25 MTTA Weekend

Please see event calendar for event time and details.


(ODgoL Meetings and Bar Nights are held the first Friday of every month unless otherwise stated. Knight Hawks Bar Nights are held the second Saturday of every month. Cavaliers Bar Nights are held the fourth Saturday of every month.)


Special Celebrations | Time: 8:31pm | Presenter: girl jaded

  • Birthday announcements: LovieeDoviee (February 2)

Old Business | Time: 8:34pm



girl alayna gave the following information about the December charity:


  • Thank You Card: The families at the Avalon Women and Children's Shelter sent a thank you card via email. It can be viewed on the ODgoL website in our newsletter under the Member Resources tab.

  • Barnes and Nobles and Bar Night Contribution: The Club raised $300 through gift wrapping efforts and jello shot sales. This money was used to purchase winter coats, snow boots underwear and toys for the family of five that was adopted.

  • Donations: Several people donated items for the family including Barbies, RC Monster truck, $50 gift card, gardening supplies.


girl jaded gave the following information:

  • $150 gift card went to a family in our community to help buy gifts and food for Christmas.


Dinner was held January 21 at Golden Corral in Norfolk. Club and guests wore red to promote Women's Heart Health. Photos of the event can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

girl jaded presented new charity process to the Club. ODgoL will support quarterly charities instead of monthly. First quarter charity of 2018 is the National Leather Association-International's Domestic Violence Project.

New Business | Time: 8:47pm


  • February Special Cause: Club will be selling cherry jello shots in honor of Master Mood. Money from those sales, plus any donations collected, will be presented to Master Mood's family at the end of the night.

  • March Bar Night: Tabled 

PLEDGE UPDATE | girl alayna

  • Applications:

  1. Applications are live on the website. If you prefer to turn in a paper copy, please find a board member and they can email it to you.

  2. Accepting applications for Full and Associate members. There is no application fee.

  3. Deadline for applications is March 31st.

  • Bid Day/Start of Pledge Period

  1. Bid Day has been moved from March to May.

  2. New pledge class will be presented to the community 2nd week of May.

  • Website Update: 

  1. New Member Resources tab now contains a member/pledge/prospect newsletter, Business Meeting Minutes, and Kink Friendly Professional Resources (coming soon).

girl alayna, girl jaded, and slave megan went over Article 2 of ODgoL's Code of Conduct.

Meeting Close

Time: 9:09pm by slave megan

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